The October 2021 issue of Orchids Australia envisaged despatch on  5 October2021.

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 Recent First Class Certificates: 

Prschs. Olive Grace 'Sultan' FCC/AOC 2020(VIC) 86.0  19 Nov. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel #6456
Owner M. Harding & D. Lester

Photographer: M. Harding

Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum 'TOM#1' FCC/AOC 2020(NSW) 86.0  4 Nov. 2020
Awarded at:  North Shore OS November Meetingl #6448
Owner S. Tay

Photographer: J. McAuley

Paph. Saint Swithin 'Atian Wisdom' FCC/AOC 2020(QLD) 85.6  13 Nov. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel #6438
Owner A. Tsai

Photographer: J. Bately

Paphiopedilum micranthum 'TOM#4' FCC/AOC 2020(NSW) 86.5  7 Oct. 2020
Awarded at:  North Shore OS October Meeting #6434
Owner S. Tay

Photographer: G. Bromley

Cym. Black Stump 'Howzat' FCC/AOC 2020(QLD) 85.8  14 Oct. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel #6414
Owner D. & K. Wanka

Photographer: C. McMonagle

Den. Pink Doll 'Elegance' FCC/AOC 2020(QLD) 85.0  14 Sep. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel #6373
Owner K. & R. Gowlett

Photographer: C. McMonagle

Paph. Yongala 'Rock N Roll' FCC/AOC 2020(QLD) 86.6  24 Aug. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel #6365
Owner E. D'Antuono

Photographer: J. Batey

Phrag. Samuel Crothers 'Julian' FCC/AOC 2020(VIC) 86.0  27 Jul. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel #6354
Owner & photographer: M. Coker
Paph. Cameron Ho 'Ollie' FCC/AOC 2020(NSW) 85.5 14Jul. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel
Owner: S. T.Ho #6337
Photographer: S. T. Ho
Rossioglossum grande 'Weise' FCC/AOC 2020(NSW) 85.0 28 Jun. 2020
Awarded at:  Convened panel
Owner: J. Cutajar #6333
Photographer: J. Cutajar


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