Award no: 6944
Genus: Dendrobium
Plant name:
Den. Avril's Gold 'Angus'
Owner: Truong N.  Show all awards this owner
Award: AD/AOC 2023 (VIC)
Points: 0.00
Date: 11.Jul.2023
Event: Maribyrnog Club Meeting
Description: 2 inflorescences 40 flowers 16 buds, relevant length 535mm flower count 40, Note Distintive solid red colour with orange tips. All segments Red group 53A major colour with yellow orange group 23A tips, Labellum White group NN155B with heavy mottling Red/Purple group 61A.
Parentage: Dendrobium (Aussie child x speciosum)  List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 70.0
Flower width: 65.0
Flower petal: 35L x 6W
Dorsal sepal: 40L x 8W
Ventral sepal: 30L x 12W
Labellum: 15L x 8W

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