Cultural Award of the year (commenced 2005)



Dendrobium tetragonium 'Jess'
ACE/AOC 2022 (NSW)  86.00  11.Sep.2022  owner: Butler D.

Total number of Inflorescences 35, Total Flower Count 170, Total unopened Buds 6, Number of Flowers on relevant inflorescence 5, length of Relevant Inflorescence 30mm A beautifully grown and flowered 'spider orchid' specimen. Grown in a 100mm X 70mm pot with 26 pendulous stems with 3-4 racemes per presenting flowers along the stems and at the apex of the stems protruding out of 4 to 5 leathery leaves in beautiful condition. Petals Yellow group 12B. Dorsal Sepal, Greyed yellow group 160C edged with greyed Purple group 183B. Labellum White group 155C with Red/Purple group 63B spotting


Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Mary Helen'
ACE/AOC 2021 (NSW)  86.00  01.May.2021  owner: Furniss P.

205 inflorescences of 280mm with 1256 flowers and 219 buds (7 relevant); petals and sepals yellow orange 18C overlaid with spots or stripes of greyed purple 183B; labellum Greyed purple 186C


Mystacidium brayboniae 'Danting'
ACE/AOC 2020 (QLD)  86.80  16.Nov.2020  owner: You B. & I.

83 inflorescences of 60mm with 581 flowers and 15 buds (7 relevant); all segments white 155D but labellum also has yellow 13C


Dendrobium X speciokingianum 'Lorelai'
ACE/AOC 2019 (NSW)  86.00  04.Oct.2019  owner: Fish R. & S.

488 inflorescences of 235mm with 13664 flowers and 2 buds (28 relevant); petals and sepals White NN155C overlaid with grey purple 186D; labellum White NN155C


Paph. Berenice 'Kim'
ACE/AOC 2018 (NSW)  86.70  28.Oct.2018  owner: Brown I.

5 inflorescences of 870mm with 17 flowers and 8 buds (4 + 2 relevant); petals red purple 64A, strong at distal end fading to yellow green 153B with spots of red purple towards base; sepals Base colour yellow green 153B with stripes and spots in red purple 64A; labellum yellow green 153A fading into yellow green 153B


Cymbidium canaliculatum 'Mount Poverty'
ACE/AOC 2017 (QLD)  86.80  09.Sep.2017  owner: Fichera B.

24 inflorescences of 490mm with 1585 flowers + 66 buds (56 relevant); all over black 202A overlaid Greyed/purple187B petals edged with greyed/orange 1673B; labellum white 155C flushed with Greyed/purple 187B


Aerangis articulata 'Wilmar'
ACE/AOC 2016 (QLD)  86.00  24.Nov.2016  owner: Williams W.R.

8 inflorescences of 540mm with 140 flowers, 32 buds (23 relevant); allsegments white 155C Spur length 153 mm


Dinema polybulbon 'Andyal'
ACE/AOC 2015 (NSW)  86.90  07.Aug.2015  owner: Bennett M. & J.

965 inflorescences of 19mm with 965 flowers (1 relevant); petals and sepals Greyed Orange 163C overlaid with 166A in the centre; labellum White NN155B with a stripe of Greyed Orange 163C in the centre


Paphiopedilum dianthum 'Rajani'
ACE/AOC 2014 (NSW)  87.00  10.Mar.2014  owner: Judge D.

7 inflorescences with 23 flowers (relavent); petals Base Yellow Green 150D, Veins 146C, 152A at tip. Warts black;dorsal Base white 155C. Veins Yellow Green 146C fading to edge; ventrals Base Yellow Green 150D Veins 146C; labellum Base 150D trans to 146D.


Cym. Miss Muffet 'Emily'
ACE/AOC 2013 (VIC)  87.00  11.Oct.2013  owner: Spiteri F. & J.

Segments greyed yellow 161A. Labellum greyed purple 187B. Eighty six inflorescences. Total 3440 flowers. Stems 530mm.


Brassia keiliana 'Wylde One'
CBM/AOC 2012 (VIC)  0.00  05.Oct.2012  owner: Meggetto N.

Segments greyed orange 173A. Labellum greyed orange 173A at top, yellow 11C fading to yellow 11D at edge. Thirty six inflorescences, total 397 flowers.


Den. Farmeri-Thyrsiflorum 'Rosamond'
ACE/AOC 2011 (QLD)  85.60  24.Sep.2011  owner: Meier D.

Segments white 155A. Labellum yellow-orange 171A. Ninety two inflorescences, 35 on average. Total 3350 flowers/ 980 buds. Stems 171mm


Coelogyne rochussenii 'Joy'
ACE/AOC 2010 (QLD)  91.80  28.Feb.2010  owner: Gray B.

Segments yellow-green 154C. Labellum white 155D, straited greyed orange 166B in throat. Seventy six inflorescences, 76 flowers on main one, total approx. 5,400. Stems average 1030mm.


Dendrobium striolatum 'May'
ACM/AOC 2009 (NSW)  81.00  02.Oct.2009  owner: Cochrane A. & P.

Segments greyed yellow 160A, veined greyed purple 183B. Labellum white 155B, throat white 155A. Three hundred & ninety three inflorescence, total 722 flowers/ 22 buds.


Liparis condylobulbon 'Ingham'
ACE/AOC 2008 (QLD)  86.60  15.Jun.2008  owner: Hughes A.

Segments yellow-green 149B. Labellum greyed orange 167A. One hundred inflorescences, total approximately 18,000 flowers. Stems 185mm.


Den. Gracillimum 'Len'
ACE/AOC 2007 (VIC)  86.00  30.Sep.2007  owner: B & T Ferns

Segments yellow 9C. Labellum yellow 9C, spotted purple 77B. Stems 270mm. One hundred and thirty inflorescences, total l 7,800 flowers.


Coelogyne magna 'P.I.'
ACE/AOC 2006 (NSW)  86.80  27.Feb.2006  owner: Royale Orchids

Segments greyed orange 164A, grading to yellow-orange 17A at centre. Labellum greyed orange 164A, striped white at centre, fringed yellow-orange 17A. One hundred and seventy six inflorescences, average 70 flowers on each. Total 12,320 flowers. Stems 250mm.


Masd. Cuzco Gold 'Ruth'
ACE/AOC 2005 (TAS)  86.80  22.Sep.2005  owner: Johnson R. & L.

Segments orange 28C, striped red 46A. Caudae red 53A. One hundred and sixty seven inflorescences, 153 flowers/ 14 buds. Stems 270mm.