Dendrobium tetragonum subsp. tetragonum 'Blood Shot'
ACE/AOC 2023 (QLD) 85.80  27.Aug.2023  Owner: Brown I. Event: ANOS Qld Kabi group Inc August show
Description: 60 Inflorescences 253 flowers & 43 buds, relevant 25mm 6 flowers, Plant 530mm to 580mm across. Pseudobulbs 50 to 300mm in length typically 180 to 190mm. Petals- Yellow/Green 1C dorsal & Sepals- Orange/White with entire wide red/Purple 59A edges. Labellum- White 155D with Red/Purple 60B overlaid lateral lobes and Markings.
Maxillaria densa 'Lyn'
ACE/AOC 2023 (NSW) 86.00  21.Aug.2023  Owner: Sullivan B. & L. Event: Tweed O/S
Description: Excellent plant, well presented. 67 inflorescences, 2010 flowers, Relevant inflorescence 15mm 30 flowers. All segments White group N155B, labellum greyed Red group 182C.
Dinema polybulbon 'Nicola'
ACE/AOC 2023 (NSW) 86.79  21.Aug.2023  Owner: Chittick J. & K. Event: Tweed O/S
Description: Outstanding plant 500mm ball, 2000+ Inflorescences, 2000+ flowers, Relevant inflorescence length 55mm 1 flower, All segments are Yellow Green 151A base colour, labellum White group NN155D.
Dendrobium teretifolium 'Tassie Shane'
ACE/AOC 2023 (NSW) 86.00  17.Aug.2023  Owner: Hemmings D. Event: St. Ives show
Description: 135 Inflorescences 1250 flowers, 10 Relevant on 115mm inflorescence. All segments Green/White 157D labellum White group NN155D with spots of Red group 44D.
Den. Australian Ginger 'Golly'
ACE/AOC 2023 (NSW) 85.00  17.Aug.2023  Owner: Chan KY & SW Event: St. Ives show
Description: 457 Inflorescences, 1840 flowers, relevant 75mm 4 flowers. All segments Greyed Green group 193D with striping of Greyed Purple group 183C, Labellum White NN155C with Red/Purple 71A edging.
Corybas hispidus 'Wulgulmerang'
ACE/AOC 2023 (NSW) 85.00  07.May.2023  Owner: Judge D. Event: OSNSW judges meeting Canberra
Description: Total number of inflorescences 12, total flower Count 10, total unopened buds 2, Number of flowers on relevant inflorescence 1, Number of buds on relevant inflorescence 1, length of relevant inflorescence 3mm. Beautifully grown plant; superior flower size to previous award. Segments Base colour White NN155C heavily marked and spotted in Greyed Purple 187A. Labellum base colour White NN155C lateral edges and frills Greyed Purple 187A. Centre of throat faintly Greyed Purple 186D
Coelogyne magna 'Overnewton'
ACE/AOC 2023 (QLD) 87.80  19.Feb.2023  Owner: Batey E. J. Event: NRJP Cairns monthly meeting
Description: Extremely large plant growing in a 300mm squat pot, segments Greyed Orange Group 164B grading to Yellow/Orange Group 18C at apical end. Labellum Greyed Orange Group 164B grading to apical end 165C, Bract Yellow/White group 158A
Cattleya purpurata 'Thomas'
ACE/AOC 2022 (NSW) 87.70  04.Dec.2022  Owner: Sulfaro A. Event: Manly Warringah Monthly meeting
Description: Total number of inflorescences 23, total flower count 81, Number of flowers on relevant inflorescence 4, length of relevant inflorescence 250mm. Segments White group NN155D. Labellum White group NN155D in throat with viens of Purple group N79B and remainder of labellum Purple GroupN81A.
Cym. Penny Serenade 'Shaz Ken'
ACE/AOC 2022 (NSW) 86.00  13.Oct.2022  Owner: Wynn K. & S. Event: Wagga Wagga o/s Spring show
Description: Total Inflorescences 27, Total flower count 601, Total Buds 275, Number of flowers on relevant inflorescence 42, number of buds on relevant inflorescence 2, Length of relevant inflorescence 450mm. All segments base colour Yellow/ Green group N144 with striations of Red/Purple71A, Labellum Base colour White group NN155D edged with Red/Purple group 71A
Dendrobium tetragonium 'Jess'
ACE/AOC 2022 (NSW) 86.00  11.Sep.2022  Owner: Butler D. Event: Wyong OS Spring show
Description: Total number of Inflorescences 35, Total Flower Count 170, Total unopened Buds 6, Number of Flowers on relevant inflorescence 5, length of Relevant Inflorescence 30mm A beautifully grown and flowered 'spider orchid' specimen. Grown in a 100mm X 70mm pot with 26 pendulous stems with 3-4 racemes per presenting flowers along the stems and at the apex of the stems protruding out of 4 to 5 leathery leaves in beautiful condition. Petals Yellow group 12B. Dorsal Sepal, Greyed yellow group 160C edged with greyed Purple group 183B. Labellum White group 155C with Red/Purple group 63B spotting
Dendrobium fleckeri 'Murray'
ACE/AOC 2022 (VIC) 85.00  30.Sep.2022  Owner: Harding M. & Lester D. Event: Convened Judging
Description: Number of Inflorescences 63, Total Flower Count133 flowers & 18 buds, Relevant flower count 3, length of relevant Inflorescence 30mm. Vigorous plant with minimal foliage damage, Segments - Petals & Sepals Yellow/ Orange group 23B, Labellum Yellow/ Green gr
Den. Bundy's Class 'Roxanne'
ACE/AOC 2022 (QLD) 85.00  10.May.2022  Owner: Hughes J. W. Event: Bunaberg OS Show
Description: 25 inflorescences total flower count 200 flowers and 15 buds. Relevant inflorescence length 650mm, flower count 8. Extremely well grown, good quality flowers, presented well, clean growths. All segments Purple/Violet group N81
Den. Australian Deep Purple 'Deep Purple'
ACE/AOC 2022 (NSW) 86.00  16.Aug.2022  Owner: Hemmings D. Event: St Ives Orchid Fair
Description: 200 inflorescences, 805 flower count. Relevant inflorescence length 31mm, flower count 4. Segment base colour Yellow/Green group 150C heavily suffused with Greyed/Purple 187C; labellum Purple group N79A with some Yellow/Green 150C in throat
Pleurothallis palliolata 'Rita'
ACE/AOC 2022 (NSW) 86.50  15.Jul.2022  Owner: Carroll S. Event: Batema's Bay winter show
Description: 35 inflorescences of 10mm with 16 flowers and 35 buds (2 relevant); petals Greyed purple 185B; sepals green/white 157C with stripes of red purple 59D; labellum Greyed purple 187A
Bulbophyllum rufinum 'Judith'
ACE/AOC 2022 (NT) 86.00  18.Jun.2022  Owner: Henderson S. Event: Orchid Spectacular show
Description: 146 inflorescences of 380mm with 5110 flowers and 292 buds (41+2 relevant);
Bulbophyllum rothschildianum 'Mary Helen'
ACE/AOC 2021 (NSW) 86.00  01.May.2021  Owner: Furniss P. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 205 inflorescences of 280mm with 1256 flowers and 219 buds (7 relevant); petals and sepals yellow orange 18C overlaid with spots or stripes of greyed purple 183B; labellum Greyed purple 186C
Dendrobium williamsianum 'Joy'
ACE/AOC 2022 (QLD) 86.20  01.Feb.2022  Owner: Gray B. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 25 inflorescences of 480mm with 195 flowers and 1 bud (13 relevant); petals and sepals white 155A with Violet 84C blushing; labellum Violet 86A with darker colour towards mid lobe
Dendrobium fimbriatum 'Annabelle'
ACE/AOC 2021 (NSW) 85.00  30.Oct.2021  Owner: Munro D. Event: Convened panel
Description: 222 inflorescences of 150mm with 4400 flowers and 20 buds (120 relevant); petals and sepals Orange 24A; labellum Orange 24A with red purple at centre
Coelogyne tennella 'Steve Clemesha B & J'
ACE/AOC 2021 (NSW) 85.00  02.Sep.2021  Owner: Lennon B. & J. Event: Convened panel
Description: 915 inflorescences of 725mm with 41000 flowers and 2200 buds (49 relevant); all segments Orange white 159C in centre fading to white NN155C
Den. Calico Twist 'Mandy Lee'
ACE/AOC 2020 (NSW) 85.00  05.Dec.2020  Owner: Ide M. Event: Convened judging
Description: 12 inflorecences of 470mm with 360 flowers and 3 buds (32 relevant); petals and sepals Greyed purple 183B edged towards the base in White NN 155D. Base of segment white NN155D; labellum Red purple 72A with basal centre white NN155C. Raised calli in red purple 72A. Pollen caps Yellow 6C
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