Dendrobium discolor 'Nico'
AD/AOC 2023 (QLD) 0.00  13.Oct.2023  Owner: Nicoll B. Event: Queensland OS Spring Show
Description: 2 Inflorescences total flower count 62 & 3 buds Relevant 33 length 700mm. Significant feature dark brown flowers. Petals Greyed Orange group 177A, Sepals Greyed Orange group 177B. Labellum centre pale with stripes Violet Blue group 90C, side lobes Greyed Orange 164B
Van. Little Gem 'River'
AD/AOC 2023 (NSW) 0.00  19.Nov.2023  Owner: Bromley L. & G. Event: Judges Panel Meeting
Description: 1 Inflorescence 17 flowers & 6 buds 275mm.all segments yellow 13A Labellum Violet N87A
Masd.  Alan F. Garner 'Halle'
AD/AOC 2023 (TAS) 0.00  25.Nov.2023  Owner: Pinner J. Event: DOS Sarc & Masdevallia Show
Description: 6 Inflorescences 4 flowers +2 buds Relevant 170mm 1 flower, Base colour Red group N45B striping redgroup 60A, Caudae Red Group 46A, Dorsal- Yellow/Orange group 22A,
Cymbidium canaliculatum 'VJ's Laura'
AD/AOC 2023 (QLD) 0.00  05.Oct.2023  Owner: Reitano R. Event: Convened Judging
Description: Distinctive colour combination with dark red-brown petals and contrasting Yellow base, 1 inflorescence of 400mm 45flowers 11buds. Petals- Yellow 2C with Greyed orange 165A spots and markings. Sepals- Greyed Orange 166A. Labellum- Yellow/ White 158C with red 49B fine spots and markings on lateral lobes.
Phrag. Early Surprise  'Colleen'
AD/AOC 2023 (QLD) 0.00  14.Sep.2023  Owner: Terry J. & C. Event: Toowoomba Spring Show
Description: All Segments Base colour Red group 35A with a stripe in the middle of segment Red group 44B. Labellum- Base colour Red group 46A, stripes around the Labellum 46A the lighter base colour at the back of labellum a11C and around the staminode. Spotting on labellum 46A
Den. Australian Embers 'Denistone Embers'
AD/AOC 2023 (NSW) 0.00  17.Aug.2023  Owner: Hemmings D. Event: St. Ives show
Description: 37 Inflorescences, 172 flowers relevant 77mm and 7 flowers. Base colour White group NN155D with spotting in Red/Purple 77A, Labellum base White group NN155D with spotting and striping in Red/Purple 77A
Den. Avril's Gold 'Angus'
AD/AOC 2023 (VIC) 0.00  11.Jul.2023  Owner: Truong N. Event: Maribyrnog Club Meeting
Description: 2 inflorescences 40 flowers 16 buds, relevant length 535mm flower count 40, Note Distintive solid red colour with orange tips. All segments Red group 53A major colour with yellow orange group 23A tips, Labellum White group NN155B with heavy mottling Red/Purple group 61A.
Rlc. Paradise Supernova 'Feathertips'
AD/AOC 2023 (QLD) 0.00  25.Aug.2023  Owner: Napper L. Event: Convened judging
Description: One inflorescence, length 44mm, one flower relevant, Sepals Base colour white, faint red/purple 65D overlay. Petals and Labellum, tips red/purple 71A, Striations red 65D, edges yellow 10, centre 12B.
 6899 Cym. Pakkret Keystone 'Sundaani' AD/AOC 2023 SA) 0.00  21.Apr.2023  Owner: Hockey P. Event: Convened judging
Description: One inflorescence of 12 Flowers 655mm. Distintive contrasting markings on yellow group 10C Petals and 11D labellum heavy distintive overlay/blotching Red purple group 59C on sepals and larger peloric like on petals and labellum
Cym. Pakkret Keystone 'Dalmatia'
AD/AOC 2023 (SA) 0.00  21.Apr.2023  Owner: Hockey P. Event: Covened judging
Description: One inflorescence of 9 flowers and 1 bud 560 mm with peloric like markings on contasting petals. All segments Yellow group 10C with varying depth of overlay red/purple group 59C larger markings on petals, Labellum base colour Yellow group 11D overlay of Red/Purple group 59A blotching
Rth. Cosmic Rainbow ' Topaz Splish Splash'
AD/AOC 2022 (QLD) 0.00  22.Sep.2022  Owner: Hopkins R. & J. Event: Gold Coast OS Show
Description: 2 inflorescences, Total flower count 3 Relevant flower count 3, Inflorescence length 65mm , Distinctive and unusual colouring, Base colouring White group 155A, Petals Coloured Flares/ margins on sepals & Petals purple group 78A, Labellum bottom half of Labellum Purple 78A, Green/yellow 1D inside top half of Lip.
Den. Brimbank Dark Night 'Catherine Ann'
AD/AOC 2022 (NSW) 0.00  23.Sep.2022  Owner: Adams C. A. Event: Wagga Wagga Spring Show
Description: 27 inflorescences 81 flowers. Relevant inflorescence length 110mm flower count 4. Very dark Red/Purple markings on a stark White base, colour NN155D. Markings Red/Purple 71A. Labellum base colour White group 155D, overlaid Red/Purple 71D
Cym. Running Wild 'Jungle Cat'
AD/AOC 2022 (VIC) 0.00  09.Sep.2022  Owner: Madafferi A. Event: Wangaratta Orchid Show
Description: 3 inflorescences 28 total flower count; relevant inflorescence 720mm, flower count 10. Distinctive spotting in contrasting pink tones. Red/Purple 64B spotting on a base colour of Red/Purple 64C. Labellum edging and central stripe Red/Purple 59C with a throat of Greyed/Orange 163B
Ctt. Caudetapp 'Nullabor Sunset'
AD/AOC 2022 (QLD) 0.00  07.Apr.2022  Owner: Hopkins R. & J. Event: SCOS show
Description: 1 inflorescence of 150mm with 11 flowers; petals and sepals greyed/purple 187A spots over yellow/orange 23B; labellum front lobe red/purple 67C, side lobes white 155d with a flush of greyed purple 186D
Epidendrum stamfordianum 'Pink Princess'
AD/AOC 2021 (NSW) 0.00  17.Oct.2021  Owner: Bromley L. & G. Event: Convened panel
Description: 3 inflorescences of 473mm with 176 flowers and 21 buds (55 + 10 relevant); petals and sepals yellow green 153C heavily overlaid with grey red 182A; labellum Purple group 75A with markings of red purple NN155B on edge of side lobes and callus
Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Fetty's Gold'
AD/AOC 2021 (NT) 0.00  09.Aug.2021  Owner: Fett D. & S. Event: Monthly meeting
Description: 2 inflorescences of 240mm with 67 flowers and 1 bud (38 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow 10C flushing to orange 29C; labellum white 155D with base of column green 143D
Lyc. Abou Mito 'Brilliant Yellow'
AD/AOC 2020 (NSW) 0.00  23.Oct.2020  Owner: Allen J. Event: COVID OSNSW Panel
Description: 4 inflorescences of 145mm with 2 flowers and 2 buds (1 relevant); petals Yellow 3A with fine spots of orange red N34B at base of petals; sepals Green Yellow 154B; labellum Yellow 3A
Den. Australian Sunblessed 'Journey Red'
AD/AOC 2020 (VIC) 0.00  08.Jul.2020  Owner: Truong N. Event: Convened panel
Description: 16 inflorescences of 150mm with 80 flowers and 8 buds (5 + 1 relevant); Green/white 157A heavilt overlaid with basal stippling Red 46A; labellum white with red/purple 57A blotching
Den. Brimbank Uluru 'Sydenham'
AD 0.00  20.Jun.2020  Owner: Drobski M. Event: convened panel
Description: 13 inflorescences of 105mm with 62 flowers and 25 buds (10 relevant); all segments greyed/purple 187B with yellow/orange 15B
Den. Brimbank Uluru 'Big Red'
AD/AOC 2020 (VIC) 0.00  08.Jun.2020  Owner: Drobski M. Event: convened judging
Description: 14 inflorescences of 100mm with 37 flowers and 27 buds (5 relevant); all segments Yellow 3C heavily overlaid with blotchy Grey/purple 187C
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