Paphiopedilum armeniacum 'TOM 8'
FCC/AOC 2023 (NSW) 87.00  06.Sep.2023  Owner: Tay S. Event: North Shore O/S
Description: 1 Inflorescence 380mm 1 flower, All segments Yellow group 5A labellum 5A with Greyed Pueple 187B inside Pouch
Paph. Fanaticum 'TOM 6'
FCC/AOC 2023 (NSW) 86.20  28.Aug.2023  Owner: Tay S. Event: OSNSW meeting
Description: 2 Inflorescences 2 flowers with 1 relevant 375mm and 1 flower. All segments Base colour Yellow/Green 151A with bars and stripes in greyed Orange 177A. Labellum base colour Green/White 157C with small spots of greyed Orange 174C
Paphiopedilum wardii 'TOM No. 4'
FCC/AOC 2023 (NSW) 86.00  17.Aug.2023  Owner: Tay S. Event: St. Ives show
Description: 3 Inflorescences 3 flowers, 1 relevant on a 197mm inflorescence. Petals Greyed Brown 199A With Brown group 200A spotting, Sepals Base colour White/Green 157D with Striping in Green group 138B, lanellum Brown group 200B
Den. Greta Snow 'Denistone Star'
FCC/AOC 2023 (NSW) 85.00  17.Aug.2023  Owner: Hemmings D. Event: St. Ives show
Description: 4 Inflorescences 43 flowers relevant 22 on 300mm. All flower segments White group NN155B.
Masd. Rein Touch 'Kora'
FCC/AOC 2023 (NSW) 88.00  12.Jul.2023  Owner: Birss G. Event: Special Judging
Description: 3 inflorescences 2 flowers 1 bud, relevant inflorescence 290mm 1 flower, All segments and Sepals Orange group 25A with markings of Orange/Red N30.
Den. Brimbank Elite 'Sydenham'
FCC/AOC 2023 (VIC) 85.00  04.Aug.2023  Owner: Drobski M. Event: Warringal Show
Description: Five inflorescences 79 Flowers 14 relevant on inflorescence 235mm. Notes- large flat flowers with clear colour and outstanding think substance. All segments Base colour of Yellow/orange group 4D, Labellum White group NN155C dotted with Red group 53A
Paph. Michael Koopowitz 'Atian Eros Super Lungo'
FCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 88.60  30.Jun.2023  Owner: Tsai A. Event: Convened Judging
Description: One inflorescence 580mm 5 flowers relevant. Petals longer than other awards. Greyed Orange 176B striping on Yellow green 154C Base colour at apical end grading to Greyed Purple 187B at distal end of petals. Sepals Brown Group 200B striping on Yellow/ Green base colour. Labellum base Yellow/Green 54C shading to Greyed Orange on distal end.
Paph. Mercury Star 'Limoncello'
FCC/AOC 2023 (VIC) 85.30  13.Jun.2023  Owner: Coker M. Event: Maribyrnong OC
Description: 2 inflorescences relevant 190mm 1 flower large flat and well presented with vibrant colouring. Yellow group 3B, 3C, B3A labellum Sepals yellow group 144B and white NN155D
Corybas hispidus 'Wulgulmerang'
FCC/AOC 2023 (NSW) 86.00  07.May.2023  Owner: Judge D. Event: OSNSW judges meeting Canberra May 2023
Description: Total number of inflorescences 12, total flower Count 10, total unopened buds 2, Number of flowers on relevant inflorescence 1, Number of buds on relevant inflorescence 1, length of relevant inflorescence 3mm. Beautifully grown plant; superior flower size to previous award. Segments Base colour White NN155C heavily marked and spotted in Greyed Purple 187A. labellum base colour White NN155C; lateral edges and frills Greyed Purple 187A. Centre of throat faintly Greyed Purple 186D
Rhynchostylis retusa 'Christina'
FCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 85.10  04.Mar.2023  Owner: Anderson R. Event: Convened Judging
Description: Number of inflorescences 2, Total flower count 395 & 3 buds, relevant flower count 230 & 3 buds, length of relevant inflorescence 640mm. Segments- Red/Purple group 73D with markings of Purple group 78S and purple group 79C, Labellum Purple group 78B.
Paph. Wossner Favourite 'Colette'
FCC/AOC 2022 (NSW) 85.60  14.Dec.2022  Owner: Yee T. Event: Orchid species NSW
Description: Total number of inflorescence 1, Total flower count 1, Number of flowers on relevant inflorescence 1, Length of relevant inflorescence 77mm. Segments base colour Green White group 157A with markings of Greyed Red group 178B. Labellum base colour Green White group 157A with markings of greyed Red group 178B on disc
Coelogyne magna 'Overnewton'
FCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 87.80  19.Feb.2023  Owner: Batey E. J. Event: NRJP Cairns monthly meeting
Description: Extremely large plant growing in a 300mm squat pot, segments Greyed Orange Group 164B grading to Yellow/Orange Group 18C at apical end. Labellum Greyed Orange Group 164B grading to apical end 165C, Bract Yellow/White group 158A
Paphiopedilum micranthum var. eburneum 'T.O.M. 6'
FCC/AOC 2022 (NSW) 88.00  19.Oct.2022  Owner: Tay S. Event: NSW Paphiopedilum Society monthly meetin
Description: Total number of inflorescences 1, Total flower count 1, number of flowers on relevant inflorescence 1, Length of relevant inflorescence 210mm. Large flower, very slightly cuppy, everything else perfect, Photo a touch underexposed, Petals base colour White group NN155D with stripes and bars of Red/Purple group 70B fading to Red/Purple 70C at Distal end with a flush of Yellow group 2C Dorsal and Ventral Sepals base colour Yellow group 2C with fine markings of Red/Purple 70C Labellum White group NN155D with internal spotting of Red/Purple 7A, Plate Yellow Orange14A with spots of REd/Purple 7A
Dendrobium nindii 'Timberlea'
FCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 85.30  26.Jan.2023  Owner: Cobb C. Event: Convened Judging
Description: Number of Inflorescences 1, Total Flower Count 40 Fls + 10 buds, Relevant flower count 40 Fls. + 10 buds, length of relevant Inflorescence 526mm. Well grown plant of 2mts plus in height. Segments Orange/White group 159D, with striping of Red/Purple group 67A,Labellum Violet/Blue group 86C, with tip of Greyed Yellow group 161D
Paphiopedilum emersonii 'TOM No.1'
FCC/AOC 2021 (NSW) 85.80  08.Dec.2021  Owner: Tay S. Event: SPECIES meeting
Description: 1 inflorescence of 140mm with 1 flower; petals white NN155C with fine spots of red purple71A near centre of flower; sepals White NN155C; labellum Yellow 5C with markings of red orange 32C where pouch folds in and internal spots of grey purple 187A
Paphiopedilum moquetteanum 'TOM No.1'
FCC/AOC 2021 (NSW) 85.70  08.Dec.2021  Owner: Tay S. Event: SPECIES meeting
Description: 1 inflorescence of 425mm with 1 flower and 2 buds; petals white NN155A with spots of greyed purple 187C ; dorsal sepal white 155A overlaid yellow green 144b with spots of greyed purple 187C; ventral sepals yellow green 146D; labellum greyed yellow 160C heavily overlaid with grey purple 186C
Dendrobium williamsianum 'Joy'
FCC/AOC 2022 (QLD) 86.50  01.Feb.2022  Owner: Gray B. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 25 inflorescences of 480mm with 195 flowers and 1 bud (13 relevant); petals and sepals white 155A with Violet 84C blushing; labellum Violet 86A with darker colour towards mid lobe
Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'Stephen'
FCC/AOC 2021 (QLD) 86.20  30.Aug.2021  Owner: Cox S. Event: Convened judging
Description: 1 inflorescence of 630mm with 4 flowers; all segments Greyed/yellow 161C striped and spotted with greyed/purple 183B
Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum 'Atian Diligent Brothers'
FCC/AOC 2021 (QLD) 86.80  06.Sep.2021  Owner: Tsai A. Event: Convened judging
Description: 5 inflorescences of 285mm with 5 flowers; petals Yellow/green 146C with Grey/brown 199B markings with purple 77A at outer ends; sepals Yellow/green 146C with Grey/brown 199B markings edged with Yellow/green 146D; labellum Yellow/green 146C with grey/brown 199A stipling
Laelia anceps 'Lynette'
FCC/AOC 2021 (SA) 85.10  25.Jun.2021  Owner: Howard S. Event: Convened panel
Description: 8 inflorescences of 550mm with 22 flowers and 4 buds (4 relevant); petals and sepals White 155D Overlay Purple Violet 81A; labellum Purple 78A. Yellow distal end 81A, throat and stripes 78A, overlay Base White 155D. Callus Yellow 5A.
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