From only $2 plus postage

Back issues of Orchids Australia are still available at very much reduced prices.

Since they are remainders there are limited numbers of some issues, especially those from the early years of publication.

There are no copies left in stock of the following issues:

1989 sold out
1990 sold out
1991 no copies of issues 1,3 & 4
1992 no copies of issue 1
1993 no copies of issues 1 & 2
1994 no copies of issue 3
1996 no copies of issues 3 & 5
2000 no copies of issue 4
2001 no copies of issues 2 & 6
2002 no copies of issues 1, 2, 3 & 6
2003 no copies of issues 5 & 6
2005 no copies of issue 2
2007 no copies of issue 1

Single copies will be sold at $2 per copy; full year sets of 6 issues, where available, can be purchased for $10 per volume.
Postage at cost will be extra on all purchases.
For larger quantities, please check with the Treasurer before making payment.

Overseas postage for books is relatively expensive, so please check prior to making payment.

Please note that these reduced price offers do not extend to 2020 and 2021 issues, which can still be purchased at regular prices:- $9 per issue or $8 per copy if six or more issues from these two years are purchased; prices include postage.

 See Orchids Australia issue content archives here.

All payments and requests are to be lodged with:

The Publications Director Australian Orchid Council Inc PO Box 329, Mitcham, SA 5062

Or  e-mail