Orchids Australia is the journal of the Australian Orchid Council Inc. and has been published every two months since February 1989. It is consistently acclaimed as one of the leading orchid magazines in the world. It is produced using the latest in computer and colour-printing technology. The magazine is available by subscription only from the Australian Orchid Council Inc.


Orchids Australia is published six times per year (February, April, June, August, October and December). The magazine is 92 pages and eye-catching full colour, which makes it a unique periodical in the orchid world, and features articles by specialist Australian and overseas orchid growers. Content includes topics on species, culture, disease and pests, adventure and, more recently, pictorial essays on specific genera, and is primarily directed to the general orchid growing public.

Subscription rates (6 issues) at 1st January 2017:

Within Australia (Incl. GST)  A$60 per annum
New Zealand & S.E. Asia  A$63 per annum
Other Countries  A$70 per annum


A sample copy of Orchids Australia may be obtained for A$6 (Australia) or A$10 (all other countries).  Purchase back issues info.

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