Suggested links

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Australian National Botanic Gardens The ANBG includes one of the most important orchid identification and research groups in Australia.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Aussie Orchid well presented cultural guidance information.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Australian Native Plants Society (Australia)  info. for people interested in Australia's native flora.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Australian Orchid Foundation The AOF has a bookshop, seed bank and protocorm bank, all of which helps to fund research projects on Australian orchids.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Australian Terrestrial Orchids - BANJORAH Plenty of photographs and information.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Brazilian Orchids Extensive orchid related site by Delfina de Araujo, of Rio de Janeiro, with lots of photos and information, in particular the orchids of Brazil.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   ECO Tours Tasmania Seasonal orchid tours throughout the year

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   C.I.T.E.S. Listed Orchids

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Garden Web World A Charity Site dedicated to the Conservation of Endangered Species and Research. Not just orchids.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Cymbidium Species Stephen Early's comprehensive specialist site for Cymbidium enthusiasts.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Dr. Tanaka's Homepage For those who love Paphs.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   International Phalaenopsis Alliance, USA  A society specialising in this easy to grow genus, with their own colour journal issued quarterly.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Ira Butler Trophy Website,  information on these prestigious annual Australian orchid awards

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Kremp Florist Website,  Orchidaceae: A Guide to the Orchid Flower Family

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Orchids of Papua New Guinea concise information on all 134 genera, and includes a richly illustrated checklist of all taxa currently known to occur in New Guinea, almost 3000 at current count.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   OrchidWire An extensive Orchid Resource Database

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Orchid Culture Charles and Margaret Baker A wealth of cultural information.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Orkology Greg Steenbeeke's site with lots of orchid photos and information on orchids and other things. New - Orchidopaedia CD-ROMs (photos).

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Orchid Photography by Gary Yong Gee Gary Yong Gee of Brisbane is acknowledged as one of the best orchid photographers in Australia, but that isn't all.  He also has a passion for orchid species.  Amongst other things, Gary's website has thumbnail photos of species orchids linked to articles he has written for the Orchid Species Society (The very first species orchid society in the world!) Gary is also an occasional contributor of articles to our magazine Orchids Australia.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Orchids Online An Australian site devoted to many things of great interest to orchid growers and enthusiasts from around the world.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   The Orchid Photo Page Greg Allikas has over 200 photos to assist with identification of orchid species.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Orchid Species Encyclopaedia Jay Pfahl of Florida has gathered together am astonishing reference library of orchid species photographs.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   The Orchid Studium Project A non profit organization that congregates researchers and collectors of orchids, mainly of Brazilian native species, for the purpose of extending and spreading the knowledge of these plants.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Pocket Diagnostics Field test for diagnosis of orchid viruses in minutes.  Tests for Cymbidium mosaic virus (CyMV) and Odontoglossum ringspot virus (ORSV).

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes  The Royal Horticultural Society

       Check if a new hybrid has been registered.

       Check the parentage of a registered hybrid.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Ronscatts - Cattleya images from the collection of the late David Littman.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Swiss Orchid Foundation Some 90 select illustrated orchid books, containing over 7000 hand-coloured drawings, have been digitized during the last five years and may be accessed online here. In addition to illustrations, over 52,000 photographs of orchids from around the world have been scanned and their identity and names checked: they are available through this website.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Terrestrial Orchids of Western Australia Photo Gallery a magnificent collection of photographs by Ron Heberle's favourite orchids, terrestrial orchids of SW Western Australia, amazing site.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   The Orchid Mall USA's top orchid site, with hot links to many other interesting orchid sites.

arrow-red.gif - 0 Bytes   Phil's Orchid World, Wellington, New Zealand. A wealth of information on orchids in New Zealand and extensive cultural notes.