Award no: 3027
Genus: Gongora
Plant name:
Gongora scaphephorus 'Joy'
Owner: Gray B.  Show all awards this owner
Award: FCC/AOC 2002 (QLD)
Points: 87.70
Date: 01.Dec.2002
Description: Segments greyed yellow 161C, spotted greyed orange 176B. Labellum yellow 4D shading to 4C at tip. Four Inflorescences; 95 flowers/ 9 buds on main infl. Total 249 flowers/ 74 buds. Stems 1750mm. Noted as far superior to others seen or recorded.
Parentage: species  List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 50.0
Flower width: 18.0
Flower petal: 9L 3W
Dorsal sepal: 30L 14W
Ventral sepal: 29L 17W
Labellum: 20L 8W
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