Award no: 6963
Genus: Cattleya
Plant name:
C. Red Chest 'Crimson Orb'
Owner: Robinson J.  Show all awards this owner
Award: AM/AOC 2023 (NSW)
Points: 82.00
Date: 17.Aug.2023
Event: St. Ives show
Description: 3 Inflorescences 3 flowers 2 relevant on Inflorescence 30mm long. All segments Base colour Red group N34B, with fine stripes of Red Group 45B. Labellum Yellow/Orange 20B in centre of throat with Red 45A at edges
Parentage: Cattleya ( Red Berries x Chester)  List all awards this grex or species
Flower length: 58.0
Flower width: 69.0
Flower petal: 36L x 38W
Dorsal sepal: 30L x 20W
Ventral sepal: 30L x 20W
Labellum: 32 x 18W

Photos by: G. Bromley

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