Here we present a selection of articles previously published in Orchids Australia, prepared by Peter Taylor of Port Macquarie, NSW. In each article Peter treats us to the background history of the species, its discovery, its habitat and how he grows them - throwing in a few hints from his long experience.  Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are by Peter Taylor and are copyright.

Below are the links for articles currently available on this website:

Aerangis luteo-alba Cattleya violacea Coelogyne mooreana Coelogyne moultonii
Coelogyne pandurata Dendrochilum wenzelii  Dendrobium lawesii Dendrobium cruentum
Epidendrum ilense Gastrochilus bellinus Laelia anceps Maxillaris pseudoreichenheimiana
Paphiopedilum bellatulum Paph. charlesworthii Pescatorea coronaria Phragmipedium caudatum
Sophronitella violacea Stanhopea martiana Trichopilia suavis