Cymbidium canaliculatum 'VJ's Laura'
AD/AOC 2023 (QLD) 0.00  05.Oct.2023  Owner: Reitano R. Event: Convened Judging
Description: Distinctive colour combination with dark red-brown petals and contrasting Yellow base, 1 inflorescence of 400mm 45flowers 11buds. Petals- Yellow 2C with Greyed orange 165A spots and markings. Sepals- Greyed Orange 166A. Labellum- Yellow/ White 158C with red 49B fine spots and markings on lateral lobes.
Phal. Greg's White Magic 'Patrina'
ACC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 79.90  21.Oct.2023  Owner: Webb G. & F. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 2 inflorescences 1 with 2 branches 1 with 4, Relevant flower count 12 on 705mm long. Petals - base colour white 155C spotted with purple group 76B at the distal base of both. Sepals- white group 155C. Labellum- White 155C with spotting of 76B and stamnod
Phal. Greg's White Magic 'Patrina'
AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 82.00  21.Oct.2023  Owner: Webb G. & F. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 2 inflorescences 1 with 2 branches 1 with 4, Relevant flower count 12 on 705mm long. Petals - base colour white 155C spotted with purple group 76B at the distal base of both. Sepals- white group 155C. Labellum- White 155C with spotting of 76B and stamnode of yellow group 4A.
Phal. Younghome San Diego 'Kira'
HCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 77.60  03.Oct.2023  Owner: Webb G. & F. Event: Convened Judging
Description: Flowers well displayed with delicate colours, 1 inflorescence 400mm 10 flowers 7 1 bud. Petals- base colour red/Purple 69B with an overlay of Purple group 75D, Sepals Base colour Red/Purple 62C Labellum- Base colour White 155D stripes Purple group 75B
Phrag. Glen Decker 'DM'
AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 82.60  03.Oct.2023  Owner: Beck K. & S. Event: Convened Judging
Description: Well grown, Healthy plant, 3 Inflorescences 1 flower 8 Buds, relevant Inflorescence length 495mm 1 flower. All Segments- base colour Red/purple group 60C, Labellum- Base colour Red/Purple 60C, the staminode fades to Red group 39C. The apical end surrounding the staminodes Orange/White group 159B
 6987 Celogyne wenzelii 'Sharon' HCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 78.30  28.Jul.2023  Owner: Haase K. & S. Event: John Oxley District Orchid Society Inc.
Description: 100 Inflorescences, 3600 flowers, 38 Relevant length 300mm, Column tip Yellow 13A, Segments Orange/Red 34A fading to Orange/Red 35D towards centre except for ventral sepals, More fading above the midline, Labellum Red 42A
Sarco. Perky 'Granny Smith'
AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 80.40  14.Sep.2023  Owner: Jones C. Event: Toowoomba Spring Show
Description: 4 Inflorescences 34 flowers and 14 Buds, Relevant flower count 7 length 219mm. All Segments Yellow/green 145C, Labellum Base colour Yellow/white 158D, Spotting at apex Greyed Orange 165D.
Phrag. Early Surprise  'Colleen'
AD/AOC 2023 (QLD) 0.00  14.Sep.2023  Owner: Terry J. & C. Event: Toowoomba Spring Show
Description: All Segments Base colour Red group 35A with a stripe in the middle of segment Red group 44B. Labellum- Base colour Red group 46A, stripes around the Labellum 46A the lighter base colour at the back of labellum a11C and around the staminode. Spotting on labellum 46A
Den. Angel Moon 'Love Letter'
AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 80.00  08.Sep.2023  Owner: Smith P. Event: Beaudesert Orchid Show
Description: 13 Inflorescences, 27 flowers 3 relevant cane length 570mm, all segments edge marking is Purple/Violet group 81B fading to Purple group 75C at the apical ends. Labellum- edge marking Purple/Violet group 81B with Yellow/ Orange 15B centre with a circle of White group 155C around the centre.
Dendrobium speciosum var. boreale 'Chloe Jade'
ACC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 78.60  14.Aug.2023  Owner: McCarthy P. & L. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 17 Inflorescences, 783 flowers Relevant 51, length 535mm. All segments White group 155A, labellum White group 155A with spotting and stripes of Greyed purple group 187A
Vanda garayi 'Linda Jeanette'
ACM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 81.00  21.Sep.2023  Owner: Scott J. Event: STOCQ Orchid Fest 2023
Description: 52 Inflorescences 2340 flowers and 18 buds, Relevant length 157mm 45 Flowers. Very Well grown and clean plant. All Segments- Orange Red Group 30D. Labellum Ornage Red group 30D, inside centre Red group 40B, Pollen cap Greyed Purple 187A
Paph. Mar Ro 'Ruby Celebration'
AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 80.16  21.Sep.2023  Owner: Lydiate K. Event: STOCQ Orchid Fest 2023
Description: Well presented, Vivid colouration. 1 Inflorescence 3 flowers inflorescence length 580mm. Petals- Base Green/Yellow 1D stripes & spots Greyed Purple 183C, Dorsal Sepal- base top Yellow 2C, Base Yellow 4D, stripes Greyed Purple 183B, Ventral Sepal- base Greyed Yellow 160C, stripes Greyed Purple 183B, Labellum Base Green/Yellow 1D, Tip Yellow/Green 154D stripes Greyed orange 165A
Rth. Napp's Tradition 'Beverley'
HCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 79.70  25.Aug.2023  Owner: Napper L. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 1 Inflorescence 2 flowers 50mm length. Petals- Red group 54C, Dorsal Sepals- Red group- 38B, ventral Sepals-Red group 38B labellum- Fringe- red group 38B, Throat Yellow/Orange group 20A.
 6979 Den. Magenta's Carroline 'Ashley' AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 83.40  05.May.2023  Owner: Reitano R. Event: QOS Spring Show
Description: 6 Inflorescences 97 flowers 34 buds, relevant inflorescence 635mm 30 flowers, Good Culture. Petals- Greyed Orange group 176A, Dorsal Sepal Greyed Purple group 183D, fading to Greyed Purple 186D, Halo of Greyed White 155D, Ventral Sepals- Greyed Purple group 186D, fading to Greyed Purple 183D, halo of Greyed White 155D, Labellum- Base colour Yellow group 5A with strips of Yellow/Orange group17C, Anther cap Yellow 8 with shade of greyed Purple group 183D fading to Greyed Purple 186D.
Cattleya jongheana 'Estralita Brasile?a'
AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 84.10  15.Sep.2023  Owner: Stitz S. & L. Event: EDOS Spring Show
Description: 1 inflorescence 75mm 2 flowers. All segments Purple Violet N81C, Labellum Purple Violet N81C; Distal tip, White N155C Midline, Yellow/orange 17C throat of labellum.
Ctt. Towering Inferno 'Ularie'
HCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 77.50  14.Mar.2023  Owner: Walker G. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 4 Inflorescences 62 flowers total 15 relevant on 530mm inflorescence. All Segments Red Group 46A. Yellow/orange group 19C light spotting towards apical ends of the segments/ centre of flower Labellum Tip-Purple group 78A Mid Red group 53A with yellow group 8B, outside of labellum red group 36B
Paph. Billy Cardalino 'Royal'
HCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 79.60  28.Jan.2023  Owner: Royal Rea Event: Convened Judging
Description: 2 Inflorescences 7 flowers & 2 Buds, 4 flowers & 1 Bud Relevant on 824 mm inflorescence. Petals Yellow group 10D with Greyed Orange 166A, Dorsal Sepal Yellow group 10D with background striping Greyed Orange group 166A, Ventral Yellow group 10D, Background striping 166A, Labellum yellow group 10D Overlaid Greyed Brown group 199B
Rhynchostylis retusa 'Guimauve'
HCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 79.40  10.Mar.2023  Owner: Robinson J. Event: Beaudesert & Dist Orc & fol Soc. 2023 Sh
Description: 1 Inflorescence of 545mm, 120 Flowers. All sepals Purple 76D spotted with Purple group N78B, Labellum Purple N78 fading to purple group 76D
Peristeria elata 'Beautiful Dove'
HCC/AOC 2023 (QLD) 77.10  14.Feb.2023  Owner: Raabe R. Event: Convened Judging
Description: 1 inflorescence of 1180mm 6 flowers and 12 buds, Sequential flowering. All Sepals White group 155B, Labellum yellow/White group 158D, red/Purple group 71B speckled throat
Epidendrum parkinsonianum 'Zumina'
AM/AOC 2023 (QLD) 80.00  31.Aug.2023  Owner: Frizzo I. & N. Event: Nambour Show
Description: 2 inflorescences 8 flowers, 4 relevant inflorescence 140mm, All segments Greyed Yellow group 160B Labellum white 155C with Yellow 3B centre
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