Species of the year (commenced 1995)



Paphiopedilum micranthum var. eburneum 'T.O.M. 6'
FCC/AOC 2022 (NSW)  88.00  19.Oct.2022  owner: Tay S.

Total number of inflorescences 1, Total flower count 1, number of flowers on relevant inflorescence 1, Length of relevant inflorescence 210mm. Large flower, very slightly cuppy, everything else perfect, Photo a touch underexposed, Petals base colour White group NN155D with stripes and bars of Red/Purple group 70B fading to Red/Purple 70C at Distal end with a flush of Yellow group 2C Dorsal and Ventral Sepals base colour Yellow group 2C with fine markings of Red/Purple 70C Labellum White group NN155D with internal spotting of Red/Purple 7A, Plate Yellow Orange14A with spots of REd/Purple 7A


Cycnoches warscewiczii 'Fiona'
FCC/AOC 2021 (QLD)  86.70  10.May.2021  owner: Webb G.

1 inflorescence of 385mm with 11 flowers and 1 bud; petals and sepals Yellow/green 145A; labellum Green/white 157D with yellow/green 144A centre and Yellow/green 153D column


Paphiopedilum micranthum 'TOM No.4'
FCC/AOC 2020 (NSW)  86.50  07.Oct.2020  owner: Tay S.

1 inflorescence of 175mm with 1 flower; petals white NN155D with flush of yellow 2C across centre of petal. Stripes and bars of purple 76C on white section and grey purple 186C on yellow section; sepals white NN155D with strong yellow flush of yellow 2C


Aerangis articulata 'Wilmar'
FCC/AOC 2019 (QLD)  86.00  26.Nov.2019  owner: Williams W.

5 inflorescences of 530mm with 138 flowers and 2 buds (24+1 relevant); all segments white 155C


Paphiopedilum micranthum 'TOM'
FCC/AOC 2018 (NSW)  87.10  10.Oct.2018  owner: Tay S.

1 inflorescence of 170mm with 1 flower; petals Base colour yellow green 150C with barring of greyed purple 185B fading to red purple 64B; sepals Base colour yellow green 150C with stripes of grey purple 64B; labellum Base colour white group NN155D heavily overlaid with purple 76B on rim of pouch and fine spots of grey purple 64B inside pouch


Dendrobium speciosum var.curvicaule 'Clair de Lune'
FCC/AOC 2017 (NSW)  88.00  30.Aug.2017  owner: Blewitt A.

18 inflorescences of 660mm with 1500 flowers (95 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow group 5C fading to White group 155B at centre; labellum Yellow orange 15A in throat, remainder yellow group 5C with greyed purple 183A spotting


Rhynchostylis retusa 'Christina'
AM/AOC 2016 (QLD)  80.60  24.Feb.2016  owner: Anderson R.

1 inflorescence of 350mm with 116 flowers;petals and sepals Red/purple 173D with markings of 78A and 79c; labellum red/purple 78B


Paphiopedilum armeniacum 'TOM'
AM/AOC 2016 (NSW)  83.00  12.Oct.2016  owner: Tay S.

1 inflorescence of 210mm with 1 flower; petals and sepals Yellow group 7C; labellum Yellow group 7C with markings on plate of grey red 179C


Mystacidium capense  'Nasarka'
FCC/AOC 2015 (VIC)  85.60  13.Nov.2015  owner: Haywood M. & B.

6 inflorecences of 220mm with 39 flowers (9 relevant); petals and sepals White group NN155C with Yellow/Green 145B behind column; labellum White group NN155C


Dendrobium striolatum 'Ruffles'
FCC/AOC 2014 (NSW)  85.50  02.Oct.2014  owner: Roper N.

1503 inflorescences of 41 mm with 1543 flowers and 53buds (1 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow-White 160B with fine stripes of Grey Purple 187B; labellum White NN155D


Dendrobium chrysopterum 'Marion'
AM/AOC 2013 (NSW)  80.00  10.Apr.2013  owner: Gamble G. & M.

Petals & dorsal sepal yellow 21A. Lateral seplas orange-red 30B, tipped yellow 12A. Labellum orange-red 30B. Nineteen inflorescences, 7 flowers on main one. Total 129 flowers. Stems 2mm


Cymbidium erythraeum 'Paradise'
FCC/AOC 2012 (NSW)  86.00  22.Jun.2012  owner: Royale Orchids

Segments yellow-green 150C, striped greyed orange 166B. Labellum white 155D striped greyed red 179A. Lobes greyed orange 136. Thirty nine inflorescences 18 flowers/ 2 buds on main one. Total 682 flowers/ 70 buds. Stems 1300mm.


Coelogyne cobbiana 'Krisett'
FCC/AOC 2011 (QLD)  85.80  10.Sep.2011  owner: Glover J. & N.

Segmenst yellow 10C. Labellum yellow-orange 22C. One hundred & six inflorescences, 50 per each. Total 5300 flowers. Stems 610mm. Pts ACE = 86.0


Coelogyne rochussenii 'Joy'
FCC/AOC 2010 (QLD)  90.80  28.Feb.2010  owner: Gray B.

Segments yellow-green 154C. Labellum white 155D, straited greyed orange 166B in throat. Seventy six inflorescences, 76 flowers on main one, total approx. 5,400. Stems average 1030mm. Points ACE=91.8


Vanda coerulea 'True Blue'
FCC/AOC 2009 (QLD)  86.00  09.Apr.2009  owner: McCubbin J. & M.

Sepals & petals blue 107C, overlaid tesselations violet-blue 91A. Labellum violet 83A. One inflorescence, 18 flowers. Stems 905mm.


Aerangis articulata 'Patricia'
AM/AOC 2008 (NSW)  82.00  12.Mar.2008  owner: Scott-Harden C. & G.

Segments white 155D. Labellum yellow-white 158B. Four inflorescences, 9 flowers/ 2 buds on main one; total 26 flowers/ 8 buds. Stems 260mm.


Phragmipedium caudatum 'Dark Star'
FCC/AOC 2007 (NSW)  86.90  30.Nov.2007  owner: Dark Star Orchids

Petals red 46A. Sepals green 154C. Labellum red 46A. Two inflorescences: 2 flowers/ I bud and I flower.


Coelogyne magna 'P.I.'
FCC/AOC 2006 (NSW)  86.80  27.Feb.2006  owner: Royale Orchids

Segments greyed orange 164A, grading to yellow-orange 17A at centre. Labellum greyed orange 164A, striped white at centre, fringed yellow-orange 17A. One hundred and seventy six inflorescences, average 70 flowers on each. Total 12,320 flowers. Stems 250mm. ACE points = 88.2


Paphiopedilum sukhakulii 'Lucy'
FCC/AOC 2005 (NSW)  86.00  18.Aug.2005  owner: Robertson Orchids

Petals green 145A, spotted greyed purple 187A. Sepals white 155A, striped yellow-green 145A. Labellum  yellow-green 145C, overlaid greyed purple 183D. One flower on 140mm stem.


Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum 'Jim'
AM/AOC 2004 (QLD)  84.00  18.Oct.2004  owner: McCubbin J. & M.

Petals purple-violet 81D (outer half), spotted grey-purple 183C. Sepals yellow-green 158B, spotted grey-purple 183C. Labellum yellow-green 153B, spotted grey-orange 164B. One flower on 270mm stem.


Bulbophyllum graveolens 'Canecutter'
AM/AOC 2003 (QLD)  81.50  12.Oct.2003  owner: Jarvis W.

Segments yellow-green 146C, spotted red-purple 59A. Labellum red-purple 59A. 4 inflorescences, 17 flowers on main one, total 71 flowers. Stem 170mm.


Gongora scaphephorus 'Joy'
FCC/AOC 2002 (QLD)  87.70  01.Dec.2002  owner: Gray B.

Segments greyed yellow 161C, spotted greyed orange 176B. Labellum yellow 4D shading to 4C at tip. Four Inflorescences; 95 flowers/ 9 buds on main infl. Total 249 flowers/ 74 buds. Stems 1750mm. Noted as far superior to others seen or recorded.


Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule 'Daylight Moon'
FCC/AOC 2001 (NSW)  85.00  26.Aug.2001  owner: Bissett A. & J.

All segments yellow 7C fading to light cream (centre). Seven inflorescences; total 714 flowers, 93 on main one. Stem 580mm.


Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum 'George Botley'
FCC/AOC 2000 (NSW)  85.80  07.Oct.2000  owner: Heyden N. & J.

Petals yellow-green 154C suffused red-purple 70A. Dorsal yellow-green 154C spotted greyed orange 165A. Ventral greyed orange 165A. Labellum yellow-green 154C blushed & spotted greyed orange 165B. One flower. Stem 340mm.


Rhynchostylis retusa 'Karen Maree'
AM/AOC 1999 (NT)  82.40  20.Nov.1999  owner: Young K.

Segments white spotted red 55B. Labellum red 55B. One inflorescence; 220 flowers. Stem 450mm.


Grammatophyllum multiflorum var. tigrinum 'Jordan'
AM/AOC 1998 (QLD)  82.30  27.Nov.1998  owner: Keith's Orchids

Segments yellow-green 151D, blotched & marked greyed orange 175A. Labellum white 155D striped greyed orange 175A. Thirty inflorescences; total 1933 flowers/ 1368 buds. Previously awarded 1996.


Phragmipedium caudatum 'Shoe Laces'
HCC/AOC 1997 (WA)  78.10  03.Nov.1997  owner: Grantham J. & M.

Segments yellow-white 158C striped grey-orange 165C, petals greyed purple 184B. Labellum greyed orange 165B over 158C. One inflorescence; 3 flowers. Stem 400mm.


Cattleya briegeri 'Star of Brazil'
AM/AOC 1996 (QLD)  80.60  06.Nov.1996  owner: Neuendorff D.

All segments yellow 9A. 27 inflorescences; 90 flowers/ 22 buds.


Paphiopedilum micranthum 'Park Ridge'
AM/AOC 1994 (QLD)  80.10  13.Nov.1994  owner: Donelly N.R.

Petals red-purple 63C veined 63A. Dorsal yellow 6C veined red-purple 63A. Ventral yellow 3D spotted red-purple 63A. Labellum red-purple 62C fading to white.